MOBIA from the heart with our team of women mentors!

MOBIA is excited to announce our specialists are developing our new program to match the authentic man courses that have brought positive changes in the lives of the men who have attended the course. The women’s program will be directed with leadership from experienced women who will be the newest mentor to the team to MOBIA. RightNow Media at Work has assigned a specialist to create an abundance of resources for the use of all the young and adult women taking the course. It is similar to the faith-based program our men have been experiencing but with the emphasis on what constitutes what a woman should expect from life. Topics will be and not limited to marriage, dating, daughters, sons, husbands, men, and a woman’s role on their faith journey. The program will be implemented at the Omaha Open Door Mission starting in the fall of 2020. MOBIA looks forward to continuing its dedication to families and the communities they serve.