Men and youth have come before our teams who have been down roads less traveled than most of our friends. There stories range from success to sorrows. Their history is conflicted with stories that could make any grown man cry. Some of them have been transferred from institution to individual therapy but they have failed to get out of the circle of destruction. But what has changed in their routines that now embraces them to change to new encouragement to succeed in life? Men of Bethany in America is an organization that has been the outgrowth of a few men who deemed the necessary and missing ingredient in these mens’ lives is the lessons of the authentic manhood quest. So much of dialog is on the emphasis of what is wrong but not on how bright of future we may have with the right mind set. What started as a small group of men of Bethany brotherhood has now grown to a large number of contributors. A mentorship perspective comes from the idea of team rather than individual mentors. Each man or young adult recognizes what they have missed out on in their journey in life. Mentors are not as concerned with what they know as much as much they care. Their first steps is to approach the men is by working as a team and not exploiting with knowledge but to represent a diversity of men who have had or has different occupations , life in spirituality, marriage and seasons of life. Mentors for these men seeking a change their lives recognize what is authentic manhood through grace and forgiveness. They are not focused on the review mirror but are looking out the front windshield of life to change lives. Understanding the wounds these men have experienced through life and how the solution components of what is an authentic man requires a paradigm shift. Making progress for the future is by approaching men of Bethany mentees with a team with life experiences that each mentor have been on during their journey to authentic manhood. The motto accepted by all is for each of them to reject passivity, embrace life courageously, and accept life eternally.

So, what is the difference. Life is better approached when you don’t have to do it alone. Team brotherhood with good mentors provides a wholesome approach to men where their is a sense of positive direction and being at peace with self. Many of us walk this earth without ever having knowledge of the extent of what being an authentic man means.

Testimonies of the men who have been through the program give the best explanations of what made the difference.