We need your dedication to help!

Our life stories we hold dearly all have special meanings which influences our journey. Men of Bethany in America has member volunteers who provide support to men who have had absentee fathers or may have lived in a dysfunctional family. Our volunteers facilitate and advisee men in their lives with their challenges. Participant men need support focus on their future with key actions of best behaviors revealed to them by using the Men of Bethany in America curriculum.

Our volunteers promote brotherhood by partnering with fellow volunteers and communicating with men seeking an improvement plan in their lives. Our volunteer team represent a diverse distinction of careers, income, families, religions and experiences. The commitment they share embodies their willingness to share life experiences and follow the authentic manhood curriculum training for men. The authentic man program is now in its fifth year.

As we observe many of the tragedies in America today we are assuredly confident in one fact that continues to reveal an epidemic in our society. When we have negative affects from guns, drugs, prison, domestic abuse, sex abuse, and pornography; we find a common truth with these generations who often experienced absentee fathers.   We at Men of Bethany in America would like you to view our website testimonies where our men participants have communicated their thoughts about the Men of Bethany in America program. Upon graduating from the designed curriculum our volunteer men stay in contact with our graduates. 

Included in this packet is an executive summary and a description of the definition of MOBIA. Our success has presented a larger demand for us to expand our services to more men in search of how to be a better man. Our Board of Directors has committed to raising the necessary funds to continue to offer this opportunity to more men in the metropolitan area of Omaha, Nebraska. Stage two will be implementing the program nationally. It is time for us as a society to bring these men out of the dark to become better husbands, fathers, and most importantly authentic men.

I will be calling upon you to discuss any questions you may have regarding our mission and how you can be of some help to the success of changing lives.


Dr. Gary R. Carlson, Executive Director