“I have been to a few classes and so far I have been impressed. This class really makes you think and dig deep into yourself. I am excited to come to this call now. This is a class that I have needed in my life. I appreciate this group of men that come out and help us with my future. I hope this is something that will keep going forward with my program.”


“Men 33 was an eye-opener for me. I was raised by my grandmother. My father was gone by age seven and my mother was rather aloof and distant. I had no idea about how profound it was to have an absent father and mother in life.

Learning about what authentic manhood is at the age of 53 was truly life-changing. I had no idea how much of my personality, style, and everyday behavior was driven by the wounds and gaps of the past.

I am grateful for the clarity, knowledge, and spirit of brotherhood. I have come to learn and embrace their encouragement provided by these men. The practical advice and interventions I have learned have changed my life forever.”

— Malcolm

What can I say, I have struggled in manhood. For many years, with self-doubt, mother and father wounds, lack of confidence, poor self-esteem, and just being able to communicate were is how I came to the Men of Bethany in America Men’s 33 Series.

First, the men teaching us WOW! They were so genuine and transparent. They showed us their love and held no preconceived judgments. I had a better understanding of my mistakes but now I can move forward with a new outlook on life. Even when our classes may be canceled our mentors still show up. They share their lives with us. Our sessions make me laugh and cry. I look forward to our Mondy nights with Men’s’ 33.

Thank you, Men, of Bethany, in America for helping me see that I am valuable, I am worthy, and most of all restoring me to be an Authentic Man.”

— Abdul

“The Men’s 33 Series on marriage I attended last night changed my view on what a husband and wife’s relationship should consist of according to the Bible. Before I attended the 33 series my idea of marriage was so far skewed due to the way today’s culture portrays marriage.
I am so thankful for the men that take the time out of their Monday nights to help teach the series at the Open Door Mission. I believe every man would greatly benefit from the class. I know I did!”


“Anthony Smith:


“I think it’s awsome that you guy’s reach out and take the time to help men in need of an answer they’ve been searching for. To right the wrong’s that have affected their live’s It’s god working his will through you guy’s to help make a better life for men and families and I think that is awesome.

Personally my father and mother have been amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing. But i’m a father that needs to make some wrongs right with my eighteen year old. In the process I need to fix myself before I can try and make things right with my eighteen year old. God is blessing me to be able to make good decisions to do the right thing. I will definitely continue to attend Men of Bethany in America program to learn how to be a better man.

God Bless

— Mike

“I am learning how to be a better brother and uncle.”

— Chris

“It is just right for me to learn something that helps me everyday”

— Luckett

“What Men’s 33 means to me is a fellowship of men, who come from all different backgrounds. This class teaches men who struggle with addictions of all varieties how to cope with life situations and struggles by coming
together. This class helps me keep an open mind, and teaches me how to be a better man and father. I am not the only person that benefits it also helps the teachers also by listening to our struggles. It lets them learn from our mistakes. This is the fellowship of Man”

— Smile Dillon

“I just got moved back from Kansas where I really got hooked dealing dope after ben an addict for the past 10 yrs. I came to the mission to seek help with my problems to and to get a better relationship with Christ in my life. It was the best choice I ever made.”

— anomynus

“I really like the group of men helping us guys. It’s better to hear all your stories and different arguments. as a true brotherhood. I think it shows good to others for a group. I would show up whether it was mandatory or not. I love this class.”

— Mitchell

“My name is John and I just want everyone to realize how important the “Men’s 33” has been to me in my recovery. I struggled for years with addiction; I never realized what it was wrong with me. This series has helped me realize the wounds I have carried with me all these years. The men who come down to the mission have been very important to my recovery. I graduate from the program in January and am moving forward with my life. Tomorrow Tues 27, I will take my OMV test for my CDL License and will have reached all my goals in the newsletter I am enclosing. Without the truth I learned about myself in the Men’s 33 I think my recovery would be much harder and much longer.”

— John

“For me “The Men’s 33 Series” is one that teaches us young and older men to step up in the world as an individual Man. I feel comfortable not only because I’m in the room full of my peers, but also because of the brotherhood bond that has grown while I’ve been showing up to this group. The short films teach all men how to be men of the father Jesus Christ in spirit. It has brought me closer to being the man I need to be for my family, my girlfriend, my children and community.”

— Firmly yours Lonnie

“The reason I love coming to the Men 33 is the new changes. The guys are great they teach us things that make me feel good when we are done with the class. They go out of their way to make life choices better for us to make it, handle things better or for the best, and the last they challenge us to the max.”

— Donnie

“The 33 Series class is where we can come one time a week and talk about things we don’t normally talk about. We talk about relationships with people we love and our wife and children. From these classes I believe I have become a better man.”

— Bille

“If you never had a family structure you need Mens Series 33!”

— Jimmy

“This is what the Men’s 33 Series has done for me:
Jesus is first
Treat my wife with respect
A woman needs a man who is strong in Christian faith
A woman wants a man who will protect her
When it comes to intimacy a man should know a woman has to have her needs understood
It is not always about our needs
Be a good listener for our wife or girlfriend
Take their thoughts seriously
Have a wife that is interested in your interest
Being a man is not about how macho you are but it is about having a loving heart with grace
A man wants what is best for his wife and children”

— Bruce

“Men’s 33 series is a class that is hard not to love! The men who teach the class volunteer their time. This time is away from their families to spend time with us by helping each of us become what we would be proud of. They bring their life experiences and teach with energy and enthusiasm.
They bring to us a message of hope with real-life examples. They are true mentors because they lead by example.
I look forward to every Monday night and spending it with these leaders and role models. My hope is to continue a relationship with these men long after I graduate from the Open Door Mission.
There is a special place in Heaven for these men.
Thank you”

— Doug

“My name is Scotty. I attend Men’s 33 series class at the Open Door Mission. This is a good class! I spent 23 years in prison and lived with entitlements. I was addicted to meth, opioids, and heroin. This class has helped me see value in life and appreciate life and how to stop being a criminal deviant.”

— Scotty

“Men’s 33 has had a profound impact on my life. the reason for this is because it takes the words of scripture that teaches us how to apply it in our everyday lives. Everything from marriage, money, friendships, children, etc. is discussed. But moreover, the bond that is formed with the other men who are trying to better themselves and genuinely care for one another. The power of the Holy Spirit in the room is amazing”

— Duke

“This is my first here at the Men’s 33 class. I found myself with the ability to feel free to talk joke and learn. A great place to be!”

— Bubba

“I just got back from Seattle and watched a program called “Seattle Dying” which greatly affected me and my recovery and a way for me to have a glimpse into what I need. I am new to the Men’s 33 but am overcoming a life of crime and addiction. What is shown in the is program is truth and love. I like what I have seen so far. Please watch the program I mentioned and find a way to help my city.”

— Tyler

“I get out of the 33 series the knowledge of living life without alcohol, how to trust women and understanding intimacy. I have learned how to be better responsible when I am with my girlfriend. I have learned how to take care of my self. I have put God first and needs and wants second.”

— Hollywood

“The 33 series is great and informative. In life more people should participate in a class like this. People could benefit from what it is about and applying it to their lives.”

— Slippery

“My life has been unmanageable. Recently, when I have turned it over to the Lord my life has changed. I’ve had a problem with drugs. I’ve been 14 months clean now. I have had trouble with smoking but today I am three days clean. I also have had a dependency problem in my relationships. Men’s 33 series is opening my eyes and mind up to how the Lord works in a relationship. I have turned myself over to the Lord.”

— Sean

“Pandemonium struck my life in the ‘80s and until recently with the help of Men’s 33 and it’s teachers my life is changing. From the disorder to having some kind of order there are tools to conduct me. Through the discussions and films, I am learning how to better live my life. I have found I am not alone and there are people who have had the same problems. I have recently decided to implement a change in my life and the Men’s 33 series has given me the insight, knowledge, and fellowship and it is a complete blessing.”

— Paul

“I’ve only attended this class a handful of times, but I plan to attend it every week now! It has opened my eyes to many different ways to handle stress, emotions and much more. It also opened my eyes to many things I was blinde within my relationship with intimacy, listening more closely to details and how to handle fights, arguments, and other such things.”

— Caleb

“Hi Gary,

Appreciate all you guys are doing in this community for the cause of Christ.



Chaplain Merlyn Klaus”