Omaha Street Schools

When growing up we have all made our mistakes in life. Fortunately for us we have always had the salvation of forgiveness to keep us on the pathway to success. The Omaha Street School is an alternative school that puts into practice this philosophy of salvation. Student enrollments are young people who have followed a journey that has influenced them with more negative outcomes than positive. During the past years many students have graduated from the school with a better outlook on life experiences and a positive self-esteem.

The Men of Bethany in America engage in meetings with students once a week and take part in students extra curricula activities. These men advisors pick up the pieces where many of these students came from dysfunctional families or absentee father households. Focus is on becoming a better man by knowing how to be a good father, husband, friend and person. Leadership from advisor mentors is based around the importance of health, physical activity, mental activity, recreation and spiritual practices. Advisors strive to fill in the gaps where students may have not experienced these values.

For more information contact Dr. Gary Carlson