Mentors of Bethany in America

Mentors of Bethany in America is a nonprofit agency providing mentoring programs for men, women, youth and families in the Greater Nebraska and Iowa area. The program will form partnerships with churches, Open Door Mission, Jail Ministry, schools, and the juvenile court system. Mentors of Bethany in America’s goal is to foster a commitment to people that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in being a productive citizen in the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be reestablished that will give men the commitment to follow through on a path to parenting and adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Through repeated failures in a cycle of a single parent and fatherless homes that foster destructive habits, at-risk people have lost faith in the possibilities that await them if they are successful in putting their lives together. To accomplish this goal, men must be in a caring, inclusive learning environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces personal self-respect.

Mentors of Bethany in America is a program that is in direct response to the growing number of people that are either falling through the cracks in society or are already entangled with the court system. The goal of the program is to identify people who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level, but the goal remains the same; empower them to make positive changes in their life. 
  • In 2014 there were 17.4 million children who lived in fatherless homes (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • In 2011, children living in female-headed homes with no spouse present had a poverty rate of 47.6% (U.S. Department of Health)
  • Disengaged and remote interactions of fathers with infants is a predictor of early behavior problems in children and can lead to externalizing behaviors in children as early as age 1. Source: “Findings from a longitudinal cohort study. “Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry p. 54, 56-57”
  • A study of 835 juvenile inmates who were gun carrying and involved with drugs found the one common attribute was a fatherless home. Source: “Drugs, guns, and disadvantaged youths: Co-occurring behavior and he code of the street. Crime and Delinquency. 2012”

Mentors of Bethany  in America mentoring programs will engage in a combination of instruction and collaborative partnerships with local agencies to build a strategic plan for reconstruction of each person’s awareness of their potential and living as an productive person in society. During this time, participants will be encouraged to participate from local shelters and incarceration facilities. Curriculum and the instructional activities will strengthen the relationship in each person’s confidence and hopefulness. 

Mentors of Bethany in America will train Mentors who will receive continuous training throughout the year and will participate in monthly meeting to report their progress.