In 2020, Mentors of Bethany in America (MOBIA) implemented a program for women at the Lydia House at the Open Door Mission. Program focus is on the women in residence at the Lydia House. Women mentors visit the Lydia House each week to present new beginning ideas for the ladies attending the course. Each participant is guided by mentors to accept rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously and embracing eternal life. Outcomes from the program are for the women to:

Developing integrity, ethics and etiquette .

A group of women mentors are experienced and successful in modeling life skills that are visible to the participants. Women participants are coached by mentors each Monday evening at the Open Door Mission.

Trained Mentors help women succeed by women helping women!

Leadership in the workplace



Spiritual Awareness by understanding belief and faith.

Mentors support by coaching through experience and knowledge.

Mentor methodology uses techniques to address the learning styles of the ladies and offer personalized support.