I have been viewing a blog regarding Church & Culture. Recently, the blog reported on the sad day of Sears Company making its move to close all of its stores. Sears was a solid staple for enjoyment for my family as I grew up. Kenmore and Craftsman were the quality product in most of our homes. Plus, I used the catalog to pick out my school clothes. It was always a special day when the packages came to our front porch with my new shirts and jeans. Of course at that age I received jeans to long, so I could grow into them. Those were the days of roll up those cuffs on the jeans.

The Sears article is a good reminder on how we must be cognizant of our surroundings and be sure to make better decisions. Throughout the bible best plans were made for the people God was talking too. I have witnessed during my lifetime to many times when we are so engrossed with the money we forget the customer. How do you build the entusiasm for our providers to experience the good?